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We provide solutions incorporating Information Technology to enhance business effectiveness. Providing effective solutions means much more than installing a computer system.


Active IT Support have a background in management consultancy, and will work to arrive at a good understanding of the business processes which require IT in your business, and thereby provide an IT solution which is well-aligned with your business objectives.


When the solution has been determined, our IT experts swing into action to deliver a carefully crafted system, with full installation and commissioning, including data transfer and decommissioning of your old equipment where required.


Onsite training is provided at a level suitable for your staff, and documentation for system operation is prepared.


You may then choose to take full control of the system, with Active IT Support providing a fallback support role, or have Active IT Support control and monitor the system.


Whichever route you take, you can expect the highest standard of support for your solution.


Tailored IT Solutions, Systems Enhancements, Security & Anti-Virus, Email & Anti-Spam