Case Studies

Case Study: Controlling web access

The Challenge

The customer had an old hardware-based proxy server, but this did not integrate with Active Directory, so there was duplicated work in setting up new users for both Internet access and Active Directory.  Also, each user would have to enter a username and password to obtain internet access, but this only worked with a limited range of applications, consequently other applications which needed internet access would not work.


Our Solution

We installed a new server for control of web access, and then integrated the security for Internet access with Active Directory.  Users are then added to an appropriate AD group, and these groups are given access to the Internet.  Some groups are given full access with all applications available (eg web browser, messenger, FTP), whilst others are limited to web browser only with a limited range of web sites on a “whitelist”.

The system keeps records of all internet access, and third party tools are available to view these records, thereby ensuring that staff are complying with the company policy on internet usage.