Case Studies

Case Study: Allowing remote workers to get access to central systems

The Challenge

The customer was establishing a number of new offices, and needed the staff at these offices to be able to access all the facilities currently available at the main office.


Our Solution
We designed a system using thin client terminals which could be installed at the remote sites and linked into the main system using VPN over the internet, to provide the required functionality.

However, it was also important that the remote sites could be quickly established without the need for IT staff to travel to each site to set it up.

To achieve this, we devised a scripted install procedure and an equipment pack including thin client terminals, printers, VPN client hardware, switches and cabling which could be sent to the site.

A local IT engineer could easily set up the site using the scripted install procedure.

We also provided a user guide for the staff, and guides for the applications so that they could start using the system immediately.