Our Services

Onsite and Remote Support

With IT systems now central to many business functions, having good support is essential to maintaining those systems in good condition.

The type of support which you need will depend upon the nature and scale of your IT systems.


Support options from Active IT Support include:

Non-Critical Incident-Based Support
Critical Systems Support
On-Call Out-of-Hours Support


For non-critical systems, we can offer incident-based support, whereby you call us when a problem occurs and we will assist in diagnosing and fixing the problem.For critical systems, we would recommend setting up an annual support contract, which will give you piece-of-mind that the support resources which you require will be available when you need them.

On-Call Out-of-Hours Support is the highest level of support, in which we act as the first line of contact for your users during times when your IT dept is closed.  This requires a high level of engagement from Active IT Support engineers.

Building and Maintaining

Building and maintaining our customers IT systems is the main activity of Active IT Support.


We carry out project work:

Formulating Requirements and Design
Building and Installing
Documenting, Training Users and Operators
Supporting, Managing and Maintaining
Upgrading, Migrating and Expanding


Whether you have an existing system which you want to enhance, or you are looking for a new system, Active IT Support have the experience and skills to develop the project from the initial concept to a working system.


We also carry out systems maintenance work:

Remote Systems Monitoring, including backup server monitoring and antivirus server monitoring
On site and Off site Repairs
Re-installations of failed systems
Backup cloning for critical systems
Software package and service pack rollouts


Managing Your Systems

For smaller organisations without a permanent IT staff, Active IT Support provide a complete IT service, giving you a single point of contact for all your IT requirements.


For larger organisations, engaging Active IT Support to manage your systems will free your IT staff to work on developing new capabilities which will enhance your organisation’s effectiveness.


Active IT Support provide services in product sourcing, installation, monitoring and maintenance. We provide a full range of management services, including helpdesk functions, equipment renewals, software and hardware asset management, maintenance management, and office/equipment relocation

Essential Checks

IT systems, whether heavily or lightly-loaded, need regular checks to avoid the possibility of a damaging failure, which will often occur unexpectedly.


Active IT Support can provide health status reports on your systems, flagging areas in which preventative action can be taken to reduce the likelihood of a failure, and can also prepare contingency plans so that failures can quickly be dealt with.


Backup monitoring plays an important part in this process, as having good backups is essential for system recovery.  We provide a daily monitoring service for backups.


Antivirus deployment, disk space availability, connectivity status, network performance, and server health status are all areas in which Active IT Support are able to provide essential checks on a regular basis.


We have remote monitoring and access facilities to enable us to carry out these essential checks without needing to attend your site, thereby maximising the benefit for you at minimal cost.