Server Consolidation & Thin Clients


With the profileration of specialised applications, and accompanying server products, many businesses have an increasing number of servers, each of which requires maintenance and backup, but which may not be heavily loaded.

Active IT Support can combine server functionality on a reduced number of hardware devices, by using server platforms designed for this purpose, thereby reducing the number of servers which require maintenance, and better using the hardware resources of those servers.

Maintenance and support of PCs can be reduced by deploying a Citrix or Microsoft terminal server which provides “virtual desktops” to each user.  These virtual desktops provide the same appearance to the user as a PC and run the same applications, such as Microsoft Office, but require only a “thin client” device which connects to the terminal server.

The thin client devices are low-cost and low maintenance.  New applications need only be installed once on the terminal server and they are instantly available to all users.

Access to your virtual desktop from out-of-office locations can be set up, so working remotely and having access to the office systems with up-to-date information is achievable.