Case Study: Allowing remote workers to get access to central systems

The Challenge The customer was establishing a number of new offices, and needed the staff at these offices to be able to access all the facilities currently available at the main office.   Our Solution We designed a system using thin client terminals which could be installed at the remote sites and linked into the […]

Case Study: Preventing virus infection

The Challenge The customer needed to extend Internet access and email to all staff, whilst ensuring that they were protected against viruses which could arrive by email, or by direct exposure of workstations to the Internet.   Our Solution We installed an Internet firewall/router to enable internet access, and configured workstations to use this.  We […]

Case Study: Overcoming barriers to system expansion

The Challenge This customer was having problems with running out of disk space on the main file server.   Our Solution We installed quota control software on the file server.  This was then configured to provide users with a limited quota, which can be set on a user-by-user basis.  Users are given automatic warnings if […]

Case Study: Email Management

The Challenge The customer was experiencing problems with spam email.  Staff time was being wasted in identifying and deleting these emails.   Our Solution We installed dedicated anti-spam device their network which checks the source of each incoming email against lists of known spammers, and from intelligence gathered from spam interceptions around the world. The […]

Case Study: Managing Printers on Large Sites

The Challenge This customer had a large number of printers, each of which was directly connected to the network, and workstations had been configured to print to the directly.  However, printer management was problematic, as users could select the wrong printer and cause the printer to become unavailable for other users by sending inappropriate jobs […]

Case Study: Keeping data secure through effective backups

The Challenge The customer had a backup system, but this system needed to be monitored on a daily basis to ensure correct operation, which was eating into the time available to IT staff to work on projects to develop new capabilities in the business.   Our Solution We installed a new backup system for this […]

Case Study: Controlling web access

The Challenge The customer had an old hardware-based proxy server, but this did not integrate with Active Directory, so there was duplicated work in setting up new users for both Internet access and Active Directory.  Also, each user would have to enter a username and password to obtain internet access, but this only worked with […]

Case Study: Providing extra resources for an inhouse team

The Challenge The customer’s IT staff were becoming overworked due to growth in demand and limited resources, and a wide range of systems which needed support.   Our Solution We put in place arrangements to act as an extension of the inhouse IT department for this company.  We carry out a wide range of tasks, […]

Case Study: Understanding and managing IT

The Challenge This client is a small business, and like many small businesses, is dependent upon IT, but without the resource of a permanent IT staffer.  The systems used are a combination of industry-specific software tools, and generic office tools.  They have an ongoing need for support and service.   Our Solution We provide an […]

Case Study: Solving reliability issues

The Challenge This company had an old server based upon an obsolete operating system with no clear migration path.  The backup device had failed, and the server was not maintainable.  They had a critical database business application which they needed to continue using.   Our Solution Active IT Support ported the application to a new […]