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We are dedicated to giving you the best advice, service and support for your business systems.

Active IT Support specialize in developing and maintaining reliable and effective IT systems. We provide sophisticated solutions which harness the power of information to give business advantage to organisations large and small.

We use our knowledge and experience to deliver high performance systems that integrate strong platforms with innovative techniques.

We implement technologies which
bring manageability to complex systems;
bring security to data and communications;
bring remote workers into central systems; and bring positive results.

Our services

Onsite and Remote Support

With IT systems now central to many business functions, having good support is essential to maintaining those systems in good condition.

The type of support which you need will depend upon the nature and scale of your IT systems.


Support options from Active IT Support include:

Non-Critical Incident-Based Support
Critical Systems Support
On-Call Out-of-Hours Support


For non-critical systems, we can offer incident-based support, whereby you call us when a problem occurs and we will assist in diagnosing and fixing the problem.For critical systems, we would recommend setting up an annual support contract, which will give you piece-of-mind that the support resources which you require will be available when you need them.

On-Call Out-of-Hours Support is the highest level of support, in which we act as the first line of contact for your users during times when your IT dept is closed.  This requires a high level of engagement from Active IT Support engineers.

Building and Maintaining

Building and maintaining our customers IT systems is the main activity of Active IT Support.


We carry out project work:

Formulating Requirements and Design
Building and Installing
Documenting, Training Users and Operators
Supporting, Managing and Maintaining
Upgrading, Migrating and Expanding


Whether you have an existing system which you want to enhance, or you are looking for a new system, Active IT Support have the experience and skills to develop the project from the initial concept to a working system.


We also carry out systems maintenance work:

Remote Systems Monitoring, including backup server monitoring and antivirus server monitoring
On site and Off site Repairs
Re-installations of failed systems
Backup cloning for critical systems
Software package and service pack rollouts


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Our Solutions


We provide solutions incorporating Information Technology to enhance business effectiveness. Providing effective solutions means much more than installing a computer system.


Active IT Support have a background in management consultancy, and will work to arrive at a good understanding of the business processes which require IT in your business, and thereby provide an IT solution which is well-aligned with your business objectives.


When the solution has been determined, our IT experts swing into action to deliver a carefully crafted system, with full installation and commissioning, including data transfer and decommissioning of your old equipment where required.


Onsite training is provided at a level suitable for your staff, and documentation for system operation is prepared.


You may then choose to take full control of the system, with Active IT Support providing a fallback support role, or have Active IT Support control and monitor the system.


Whichever route you take, you can expect the highest standard of support for your solution.


Tailored IT Solutions, Systems Enhancements, Security & Anti-Virus, Email & Anti-Spam

Vendor Partners

Everyone likes to do business with people they know they can rely on.

Over a quarter century of trading, Active IT Support has built up contacts and partnerships with many of the top companies in the IT industry.

We have gained industry accreditations from vendors to enhance our knowledge and support for their products.

These partnerships strengthen our position, and allow us to offer outstanding service and pricing to our clients.

Listed below are a few of the many businesses we deal with from day to day. At Active IT Support we pride ourselves at being able to source equipment, software and consumables from virtually any manufacturer. If it’s IT, we can probably supply it !

And finally, when you buy from Active IT Support you can be assured of our attention and our determination to meet & exceed your expectations.

Microsoft, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Toshiba, CA, Sophos, Adobe, Citrix

What our clients say

“they have a hands on personal approach to requests,
and a professional working system that makes them easy to work with”

Service Manager Knowsley-Based Machine Manufacturing

“staff are committed and very able,
with a clear vested personal interest in our satisfaction”

Senior Systems Co-ordinator Multinational Manufacturing Company

“unique amongst many companies in that
they always provide a personal service”

Infrastructure Project Manager FTSE-250 Company

Our Work

Case Study: Allowing remote workers to get access to central systems

The Challenge

The customer was establishing a number of new offices, and needed the staff at these offices to be able to access all the facilities currently available at the main office.


Our Solution
We designed a system using thin client terminals which could be installed at the remote sites and linked into the main system using VPN over the internet, to provide the required functionality.

However, it was also important that the remote sites could be quickly established without the need for IT staff to travel to each site to set it up.

To achieve this, we devised a scripted install procedure and an equipment pack including thin client terminals, printers, VPN client hardware, switches and cabling which could be sent to the site.

A local IT engineer could easily set up the site using the scripted install procedure.

We also provided a user guide for the staff, and guides for the applications so that they could start using the system immediately.

Case Study: Preventing virus infection

The Challenge

The customer needed to extend Internet access and email to all staff, whilst ensuring that they were protected against viruses which could arrive by email, or by direct exposure of workstations to the Internet.


Our Solution

We installed an Internet firewall/router to enable internet access, and configured workstations to use this.  We updated and expanded the email system to cover all staff, and installed an anti-spam filter.

We installed a server-based Antivirus console, which took control of the anti-virus settings on each computer, ensuring that each computer was kept up to date, with no operator or user involvement required on a day-to-day basis.

We monitor the anti-virus console remotely, and are able to see the current status of the anti-virus software on each computer, and take action if we see a problem arising.  The console also advised us of any intercepted viruses.

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